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Overhead Sectional Doors

We offer a wide selection of overhead sectional doors that serve commercial, industrial, and agricultural business needs

At Waterloo Garage Doors, we understand the importance of a performing, durable, and long-lasting door(s) to serve your business needs. We offer a vast selection of doors and door systems that ensure your workflow will operate without interruptions or cost downtime. 


Overhead Sectional Doors

Optimal for gas stations, warehouses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and agricultural operations, an overhead sectional door(s) is a reliable, durable, and low maintenance garage door option for commercial sites. Waterloo Garage Doors can customize overhead door systems, so you can have the right door to operate your commercial needs.

Polycarbonate Doors

Made with polycarbonate transparent panels that are durable, lightweight, and allow plenty of natural light, polycarbonate doors are easy to operate with minimum stress on hardware components. The panels are impact resistant, retain heat, and can withstand long-term exposure to extreme elements without cracking or splitting. These doors are suitable for service garages as well as any other industrial or commercial site.

Springless Doors

Made from either rolling steel, sectional, fabric, or rubber, springless doors are the ideal solution for high traffic areas. Springless doors have a much long lifecycle than sectional doors and are available in many different materials depending on application. Springless doors are best suited for industrial sites, underground parking, and other high traffic areas.

Full View Garage Doors

Full view garage doors are see-through glass doors that let in an abundance of natural light. Perfectly suited for storefronts and restaurants, a full view door is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. 

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