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Garaga Doors: True North Strong

As a proud Garaga-certified dealer, Waterloo Garage Doors offers the most durable and resilient doors that can weather any Canadian storm.


Founded in 1983, Garaga is a leading family-owned manufacturer of residential, commercial, and industrial garage and overhead doors in Canada. With many design options and features, Garaga’s evolving designs and technologies challenge the standards of quality and performance.

Much More Than a Door

  • Garaga doors are well insulated doors that are equipped with polyurethane foam.
  • Garaga’s wind resistant technology, that includes the use of interlocking joints and frame weather-stripping, makes durable doors that can withstand the harsh Canadian climate.
  • Garaga’s weather-stripping system, complete with numerous thermal breaks, create the most energy-efficient doors on the market.
  • Garaga’s product warranties ensure that if anything goes wrong with your door, Garaga has you covered.

Interested in installing a new Garaga door for your home or business? Click here to get started.