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Hörmann: Quality Door Openers and Accessories

Innovation, quality assurance, and durable designs make Hormann’s residential, commercial, and industrial door openers and accessories a dependable choice

Hormann SilentDrive 7500 Opener

Beginning with August Hörmann in the 1930s, Hörmann has evolved and adapted to supply quality products that cover a wide range of doors and opening systems. Four generations later, Hörmann’s innovation, quality assurance, and design offers superior protection and safety for residential and commercial doors.

The Hörmann Highlights

  • Hörmann’s 7500 garage opener series offers quiet operation, accelerated opening speed  and a lifetime warranty.
  • German engineered and American made, Hörmann openers and accessories provide great quality, value, and efficiency.
  • Hörmann manufacturers commercial, industrial, and specialty door such as cooler doors, clean room doors, freezer doors, and door openers that are specifically designed to meet the standards and requirements of the North American market.

At Waterloo Garage Doors, we sell, service, and repair Hörmann electric openers to make sure your garage door is operating at its best capacity.

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