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Richards-Wilcox: Engineered for Canadian Life

For over 100 years, Richards-Wilcox has been making residential and industrial sectional doors made for life in Canada

As one of the longest running garage door manufacturers in the world, Richards-Wilcox is proud of its extensive history of designing and manufacturing quality residential and industrial sectional doors. Richards-Wilcox is an industry leader who uses the latest technology and design ingenuity to create world-class door systems that are characterized by superior adhesion and structural integrity.  

The Richards-Wilcox Value

  • Richards-Wilcox’s sectional doors are the strongest and densest doors on the market with most measuring at one and ¾ inch thickness which produces the best R-values.
  • All doors are equipped with weather seals and thermal breaks to limit airflow and keep cold weather outside.
  • Richards-Wilcox uses Neufoam© to achieve the highest thermal values and stability that is applied evenly to the door panels to provide superior adhesion and excellent strength.
  • Richards-Wilcox’s TruBalance™ Drum System provides 87% better balance for doors built with a heavy weighted glazed top section.

Waterloo Garage Doors can help you choose and install the right Richards-Wilcox door for your needs. With durable and stylish options available for customization, you’ll save energy costs while having a dependable, stylish, and high-performing door.

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