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Need to step up your security? 

Invest in shutters and grilles for your protection and peace of mind.

At Waterloo Garage Doors, we understand the need to protect your property and business from unknown security breaches. We offer security grilles, rolling shutters, and screens so you have the peace of mind to know that your business is protected.

Security Grilles

Suitable for indoor and outdoor storefronts, parts counters, and storage areas, security grilles protect your property from theft and potential damages to reinforce the security of your business. The durable steel construction prevents damages such as broken glass or vandalism while offering long-lasting performance for commercial operations.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters reinforce the security of your windows and doors to protect them not only from theft and damage, but the elements too. We offer a wide selection of rolling shutters for windows and doors that serve your commercial needs.


We also offer commercial grade screens for your doors that are ideal for outdoor eating areas to increase your comfort and ease while keeping the bugs out.

Contact us today to improve your commercial security