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Durable and long-lasting, our selection of rolling doors will ensure that your business operations are always on a roll

At Waterloo Garage Doors, we understand that different types of businesses require doors for different applications. We offer a complete selection of rolling doors that are not only durable but serve the different demands that your business requires.

Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors are a strong and durable alternative to an overhead sectional door. Made out of steel slats, rolling steel doors are built to withstand the most demanding of industrial and commercial work. Rolling steel doors are available as insulated or non-insulated. 

Rolling Fire Doors

Rolling fire doors are an important part of a building’s fire protection system. We offer practical and dependable fire doors that can cover windows and doors. We also make sure that the fire doors are properly specified and installed to manufacturers’ specifications. In the event of a fire, individuals will be protected and guided to safety.

Rolling Rubber Doors

Meant for high-impact areas, rolling rubber doors are high-performance doors that open fast to ensure a steady and safe flow of equipment, goods, and people in and out of your industrial facilities. 

Rolling Fabric Doors

Flexible and resistant to rugged environments, rolling fabric doors retain the heat or the cold and keep dust down inside warehouses. Ideal for high-impact areas, rolling fabric doors are easy to clean and the activated sensors enhance safety.

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